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Khyal Mohammad
Khyal Mohammad who belongs to the Afridi tribe of Pashtuns was born in Peshawar in 1946 to a musical family. Known as the 'Elvis Presley of Pashtu music', Khyal Mohammad is dear to both people of Afghanistan and Pashtuns in Pakistan.

After establishing his name on the local radio, in 1973-74 Khyal Mohammad appeared in his first movie, Dara-i-Khyber. This gave his career a kick-start, and since then he has appeared in many other movies. As his popularity continued to grow, he has often toured in Afghanistan, Europe, the UAR and the USA. Over decades, he has recorded a huge volume of music, and has also appeared as a playback singer in many movies, winning many awards.
Khyal Mohammad Collections
De Bango Botiya ( 11 Tracks )
De Zra Qaraara ( 10 Tracks )
De Khyber Zalmi ( 11 Tracks )

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