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About Mir Maftoon
Mir Maftoon
Mir Maftoon is a Afghan folk singer from the province of Badakhshan. His songs and compositions have used and copied by many from the new generation of Afghan artists living outside Afghanistan. Some of such notable songs are: Dard-e Dandan, Kajak Abro, Lab Lab-e Joybar, Banaaz Banaaz and many more...
Mir Maftoon albums
Mir Maftoon Majlesi Volume One album Majlesi Volume One
( 12 tracks )
Mir Maftoon Majlesi Volume Two album Majlesi Volume Two
( 12 tracks )
Mir Maftoon Single Releases album Single Releases
( 12 tracks )
Mir Maftoon Videos Mir Maftoon Videos
( New tracks )