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Afghan Poetry Section
Our poetry section is finally up and running. Many thanks to Shareef for his time and contribution in compilatoin of the poems and poets' info.

We are working on adding more poems and Dari/Pashto literature related material...please contact contact us if you have any comments or suggestions.
A Short Afghan Love Story
A Short Afghan Love StoryListen to the six-episode audio love story of Seeya Moi Wa Jalaali exclusively on Virtual Afghans. All credits and gratitude to Sahar for her contribution for this addition.

Afghan recipes
Afghan recipesCheck out this recipe to learn how to make the great Afghan Dish, Mantoo.

To serve, put a layer of yogurt on a flat serving (ghori) dish; then place the mantoo on top of the yogurt. Put another layer of yogurt on top of the mantoo; then put a layer of the beef mix and sprinkle the mint..
Afghan proverbs
Proverbs are an essential part of the slang and folkloric culture of the Afghan is a short list of proverbs we gathered...hope you enjoy them.

1. Haich gul-e bey khaar nes: Every rose has a thorne
2. Saal-e khoob az baharash paidast: Quality and character shows up early
3. Ba ghaow ghaow sag, darya mordar namesha: A river is not cntaminated by having a dog drink from it