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About Sediq Shubab
Sediq Shubab
Sediq Shubab is a renowned Afghan pop artist living in Frankfurt, Germany. Sediq is widely known for his unique voice and style of singing of popular Afghan folk songs. He started his career in Kabul, Afghanistan back in late 1980's but rose to fame in early 2000. He has since worked closely with Khaled Kayhan of Kayhan Studios producing some of the most hit songs of this decade.
Sediq Shubab albums
Sediq Shubab Gumshoda album Gumshoda
( 15 tracks )
Sediq Shubab Pashto album Pashto Album
( 12 tracks )
Sediq Shubab Sarzameen Man album Sarzameen Man
( 12 tracks )
Sediq Shubab Shokhak album Shokhak
( 12 tracks )
Sediq Shubab Single Releases album Single Releases
( 12 tracks )
Sediq Shubab Videos Sediq Shubab Videos
( New tracks )