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About Aziz Guman
Aziz Guman
Aziz - poet, songwriter, composer and singer, was born and raised in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Aziz has written lyrics for other singers of the time (Hameed Gulistani, Nazeer Kharaa, Fawad Popal and Rohullah Rooin) and also wrote short stories for magazines (Darafsh-e Jawanaan).

His recent works include music and lyrics for Marya Ayar, Nawid Sahil, Mahmood Aslami and Farid Omaid. Aziz also released his live concert album, Eshq-e Afghani, which contains the songs from his 2006 concert.
Aziz Guman albums
Aziz Guman Ishq-e Afghani album Ishq-e Afghani
( 12 tracks )
Aziz Guman Touch Of Fire album Touch Of Fire
( 9 tracks )
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