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About Valy Hedjasi
Valy Hedjasi
Valy is an Iranian born Afghan singer living in Heidelberg, Germany. He was born in Mashhad, Iran to his father's Hedjasi clan who are from Afghanistan. His mother is from Herat, Afghanistan. Both of his parents were artists and musicians and influenced Valy's love for music. He started playing traditional instruments at the age of seven. Years later he was taught and influenced by the late Afghan artist Nasrat Parsa as well as Iranian singers and musicians. In addition, Valy has been influenced by Arabic music. Valy has gained recognition since his first two singles Delama Shekoondi and Bia Tu were released from his album After Love. His third single Qatanghani has received fame as well, however his pronunciation of 'Qataghan' has been questioned. His forthcoming single is Dokhtar-e Kabuli and his album After Love is due for release in September 2007.
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