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About Waheed Soroor
Waheed Soroor
Born 1971, Waheed Soroor is a pop Afghan artist. In addition to his musical talents, Waheed Soroor also holds an honours degree in Biochemistry and Bachelor of Education with honors and is currently teaching chemistry and biology. Waheed Soroor is also involved in the Afghan community and has volunteered his time as a consultant and as an artist on several occasions, which has earned him respect from his fellow compatriots in Toronto.
Waheed Soroor albums
Waheed Soroor's Let's Dance Let's Dance
( 12 tracks )
Waheed Soroor's Small World Small World
( 12 tracks )
Waheed Soroor's Soroor Album Soroor
( 12 tracks )
Waheed Soroor's Videos Waheed Soroor's Videos
( New tracks )