Narenj Palaow recipe and cooking instructions

Narenj Palaow


Khelaal e Nareenge (Orange zest)       1 cup
Baadaam (Almonds)      1/2 cup
Pista (Pistachio)      1/2 cup
Bering (Rice)      4 cups
Sugar (Boora)      1/4 cup
Masaala e deeg (Hail)

Cooking instructions

First of all put your orange zest in a bowl and add boiled water to it. Leave it for a while and then drain the water out of the zest and again fill it with boiled water repeat this step at least 5 times.

In another bowl add the almond and pistachio and top it with boiled water. Leave it until it is cooled then drain the water out and peel them all (girls this might take a little time but have patience)

Now that your you have everything ready (Orange zest, peeled almonds, peeled pistachio) in a frying pan add some oil…then add your orange zest and give it a few good stir, then add your almonds and pistachios and mix them all well. Turn the stove off and leave it for a while. When it is all done add your sugar on top of it and give it a good stir. This will give it a sweet taste. (Sprinkle some cardamoms on top; this will give it a wonderful smell.)

Palow a pukhta mekonin dar waqte damm dadan e deeg, mix e khelaal e naareng ra dar yak gosha e deega andakhta ba hamraye bering cover mekonin taa ke khoob damm bekhashad….

When your food is ready, in a large platter add the rice and top it with some meat (yakhni) then add some more rice on top and cover it all with your khelaal mix. When you are ready to take it to dastarkhwaan sprinkle some more hail on top (just to make your guests to WOW with that nice smell of your food…) Enjoy!!!

Note: This should be enough to serve 8 –10 people